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Yavapai College Classes

Credit Classes - Computer Division

CSA 100 - "Getting to Know Your Computer"

This course is a Basic Introduction to the fundamentals of using a computer for new and inexperienced users of personal computers. 1 credit

CSA 111 - "Keyboarding"

This course helps users develop correct techniques through practice and to increase typing skills for both Alphabetic and Numeric keyboarding. 1 credit

CSA 126 - MS Office 2013

This course consists of introductory concepts and techniques of the four major application programs of the MS Office Suite; Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint. 3 credits

Note: There are no printed catalogs available for the Credit Courses.

Non-Credit Courses - Community Education Division

Classes offered by the Community Education Division of Yavapai College are found via their website. Simply choose the "Register/Find Classes" button.

Computer Fundamentals - Introductory and Beyond

Note: Microsoft Software taught at user's version... (2003 or 2010 and beyond)

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