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joan baum Multiplex Consulting is currently located in Prescott, Arizona and provides local businesses, individuals, groups and the local college with computer software and business support training.

As the owner of Multiplex Consulting, Joan uses her extensive experience of over 25 years to help individuals, small businesses, and major corporations keep both their office and computer skills fresh, thereby improving both staff efficiency and effectiveness. Her various training programs and classes have been used to increase office support skills and computer knowledge, which also tends to improve staff confidence and morale. Joan has helped create office setups from the ground up or created "remedies" for existing offices in need of organization. Her degree in education is from Pennsylvania State University and holds a degree in Computer Science from Lincoln Land College in Illinois.

Having experience in both the business and corporate world in various capacities over the years(Human Resources, Administration, Government Purchasing, Accounting, Insurance, Real Estate, Computer Analyst & Programmer) plus being a business owner at various times(retail, plant nursery, training and business consultant)gives her a unique perspective and allows her to easily relate to many different management levels and subjects for both training and business projects. Joan has provided training not only as a teacher for community colleges and school districts in California, Wisconsin, and Arizona, but has also created and delivered training sessions for larger companies such as: Texas Instruments, Chicago Title, IBM/Catapult , Michael Best , Shell Todd (New Zealand), and Rosetta Stone.

Serving the Yavapai County area and beyond, Joan has delivered lectures, workshops, training sessions and classes for groups and businesses such as DES (Dept. of Economic Security), NACOG (Northern Arizona Council of Government), and New Horizons Disability Empowerment Center. She has also worked closely with Yavapai College here in Prescott, AZ as an Adjunct Professor teaching both accredited and non-credit classes for several of their divisions (Business and Computer Science Division, Community Education, Contract Training and Veterans Upward Bound).

Client / Student Comments

"Joan is very enthusiastic and knowledgeable. I learned a lot from her and she made learning fun and easy. I would recommend her services to anyone needing help with Microsoft Office."
Sandy - Northern Arizona Council of Government

"Most enjoyable class I've ever taken!" "Patient" "Helpful" "Quickly understands needs of business"
Yavapai College Community Education

"Joan worked from the inception of the company and was instrumental in setting up all office and internal procedures for the company's best interest and focus. Ms. Baum is highly organized and has the attitude to 'get-r-done' not only in a timely manner, but efficiently and correctly from the get go."
Francesco Buccieri, Owner - The Sacred Bean

"Dear Joan, Thank you for opening this new world of computers to me. It is no longer the nebulous area it was. You have been so patient with me despite all my interruptions and seemingly idle questions. I had such a good time and whatever comes next, you will forever be connected to a milestone in my life. I feel like a kid in kindergarten who just learned to write her name. Thanks, Estelle"
Student's CSA 100 course evaluation at Yavapai College

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